NYC, most of the time
caffeinated, all of the time


Fun Daria and Trent on @heartbreakerJen Thank you! #daria

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happiest in helsinki 


Empire State of Mind

I want to be a part of it…I think. By Esme.

this is all correct

I’m incredibly jealous of people that can leave this hustle&bustle, aggressive, fight-tooth-and-nail-for-everything-you want environment and go home.

This is my home.

It is similar to the way I sometimes want to feel the thrill, excitement and fear someone has inside of their chest the first time they come to NYC. They all have their “first time here” stories and “can’t believe I saw that” quip.

I have the sarcastic, been there done that mentality (forever)

bangs // too much whiskey on friday // can’t keep up

never sleeping, anxiety forever



The good ol’ days when Brand New and TBS had beef :3 


it went down but my dress was killer

happy day in Amsterdam